LegacyFX Review

Most of us are living a fast-paced life in the 21st century. It is all possible only because of technological advancements. Due to a life that passes by at a fast pace, people need to look for newer and easier ways of making money and trading seems to be the right option. With trading being one of the best earning options for people these days there are a lot of platforms offering their services.

While everything seems great until now, there is only one problem and that is finding the right platform. LegacyFX is one of the best trading platforms that brings the best value for its clients by the long list of trading options available. It is a multi-asset trading platform that not only deals in money and currency trading but also on products like stocks, metals, minerals, crypto, and more.

LegacyFX has been providing its amazing services since 2017 and here we will review how valuable of a platform it is for you.

How it Works?

When you start with LegacyFX you will note that it offers you more than 200 instruments for trading. Unlike most offline trading platforms this is an online trading platform that provides its services 24 hours a day. However, the catch here is that these 24 hours a day services are only available for 5 days a week.

When it comes to the user experience, LegacyFX provides all the services that you may need to ensure a better and safer experience. Whether it is regulation, transparency, protection, better rates, or anything else. You can get all of it at LegacyFX. With LegacyFX you can place your trades on anything that catches your interest.

In this way, you will be able to earn some money. At the same time, LegacyFX will get its cut from the spreads that are tight ensuring that most of your earnings through trading stays at your side.

Features that make it worthy:

Although LegacyFX is not a platform as mature as some of its competitor platforms. It has still amazingly managed to achieve a good position in the market. It is all because of the list of features and benefits that LegacyFX provides. The features that LegacyFX brings as a trading platform enhance the value a lot not only for experienced individuals but for the newbies as well.

So, here are some of the best features that you can enjoy when using LegacyFX.

Everything is regulated bringing peace of mind for people

Peace of mind is something that most users do not feel when using a trading platform. LegacyFX ensures to solve this problem because it works under the regulation of different organizations. At the same time, it follows all the laws, rules, and regulations of the European Union making things pretty reliable for every customer.

This regulation also brings the most transparent platform for clients offering greater protection of their money and experience.

Free tools for trading make things extremely beneficial for users

The thing about most of the trading platforms is that they provide trading options to all their users. However, when it comes to beneficial services, they demand charges for those services. Here you do not have to pay anything as all of the following trading tools are free for all of the customers:

  • Signals
  • Indicators
  • Algo-trading
  • Copy-trading

User-friendly transaction methods

Bringing convenience for users is the only way you can make users satisfied with your platform. Here things are set according to the best convenience of users from the start to the end. A trade starts from your bank account and ends in your bank account. So, here the transaction methods and options are kept as simple and easy as possible.

Real-time execution makes you get the rates that are visible to you

There is no lag in the platform here. Facing lag means that you see some other value for trade while it already changes. So, you never get the exact deal which might not be a good thing at all if you are looking only for making good profits.

Easy to use and user-friendly user interface

The user interface here is designed to stay easy and convenient for every user. Even if you are trading for the first time you will feel no issues whatsoever. The reason is that you can trade on any of your devices including iPhones and Android phones. Anywhere you trade you will find the interface very user-friendly.

Segregation on funds keeps you safe

There could be a case that if the platform goes bankrupt or loses some major trade then the money of its clients is lost as well. It is only possible when the funds are kept together. Here you get a segregation guarantee meaning that your funds and LegacyFXโ€™s funds will never be the same. In this way, your safety and peace of mind are enhanced.

MT5 available

MT5 is the most powerful platform available in the market currently. It is available for trading here where you can do the best analysis with the help of infographics. At the same time, you can use the technical indicators for efficient trading.

Why you should use it more often?

Going with a platform that brings the best value for you is the best decision. However, you can never know how a platform brings benefits for you in different ways without checking things yourself. So, instead of wasting your time here, we have narrowed down some of the best benefits that you can enjoy while using LegacyFX.

The following are the best benefits of LegacyFX that you can enjoy.

A lot of educational information is available

If you are a newbie at trading, then you need not worry as you can start learning from your very first day. With a lot of tutorials and courses and live webinars, you can learn. The research analysis and trading tools will also work amazingly.

Provide signals and hints that work

Here you can get signals and hints or indicators for trading that will bring an amazing trading experience. Those are from the algorithms and experts, so they work most of the time.

You can deposit and withdraw using crypto

Using money only is not a restriction to face here. You can even deposit and withdraw using Crypto making it a pretty advanced platform.

Good record according to the European laws

The reliability and peace of mind that you can enjoy while using it as your trading platform are going to be amazing. The reason is that it holds a good record and establishment according to the European Laws.

Negative balance protection keeps you safe all the time

Getting a negative balance is the worst nightmare for any trader. So, you do not have to worry about this issue at all because here you are protected by all means. The negative balance protection feature ensures that you never get a negative balance whenever you place a trade.

Swap-free accounts are available for every user

One of the best benefits that you can enjoy here is the swap-free account. It is a feature that is available for every user regardless of their account type. This is a very beneficial thing because you do not have to pay any swap fee when you send or receive any money.

Brings special features for Muslims all over the world

Muslims pay a lot of attention to things when it comes to trading. There are specific religious laws, rules, and regulations that Muslims have to follow. So, LegacyFX provides the Islamic Account option to facilitate all the Muslim traders so that they can trade without worrying about anything that is not allowed for them in their religion.

What makes it better than others?

When selecting a trading platform people often ask what makes it so better? How it is more valuable than any of its competitors. The same case goes when LegacyFX becomes part of the discussion. However, in its case, things are pretty different. It is not the most mature online trading platform available. It still manages to be better than many of its competitors in the following ways:

Safety point of view and being a legit platform

The first way by which LegacyFX is better than others is that it is a pretty safe and legit platform. Most people think that only those platforms are worth it that have their banks. However, LegacyFX is a platform that does not have a bank but still manages to provide great security. The fact that it is under the regulation of European MiFID, as well as CySEC standards, makes it pretty secure.

It also comes with authorization from a tier-1 regulator as well as a tier-2 regulator. It means that it is not only legit but also gets high trust and average trust ratings from regulators making it safe.

Trading opportunities

The next point which makes LegacyFX better than several competitors in the market is the number of trading opportunities. Now it is not only about the actual trading opportunities but the fact that you can choose different currencies to deposit and withdraw is a beneficial thing in itself as well. These are the features that are not provided even by some mature trading platforms.

Additional features

Almost every platform provides its users with a list of necessary benefits. Only the ones that come with additional features are better and LegacyFX is one of them. Whether those features are related to your trading experience or peace of mind, you get a lot of additional features like swap-free accounts and protection against negative balances.

Account opening benefits

The process of opening a LegacyFX in itself is pretty beneficial and convenient. You can go for a demo account to try things out without risking anything. At the same time, the process of account opening is pretty fast. Lastly, LegacyFX provides an Islamic account option to expand its horizons for all users.

Account Types and the Features of LegacyFX

Standard Bronze Silver Gold Platinum Premium
Minimum first deposit $500 $1000 $3000 $5000 $10000 $25000
Fee Free Free Free Free Free Free
Basic analytics No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stocks No No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Trading plan No No No No Yes Yes
Advanced monitoring No No No No No Yes

Cons to look at once:

Every platform or tool comes with some cons as nothing can be perfect by all means. Even if that is perfect for your use cases, it may not be the perfect choice according to someone else. Additionally, it is always a good thing to keep track of both sides of anything that you are going to opt for.

So, the following are some of the cons that come with LegacyFX.

  • The interface of the educational part is not up to date
  • The research part has no text part, only infographics are available
  • The spreads of some accounts are not that customer friendly
  • Does not accept any clients from the United States and Canada at all
  • The minimum deposit limits are high for everyone to meet
  • Risk management is not your thing if you are tight on a budget because of the high minimum lot size
  • Instead of training, they focus more on signals and hints for trading

By taking a good look at all the cons you can determine how good a platform LegacyFX is for you. It is very important to do because if you make a wrong decision by any means you would have to face some difficulties. Those difficulties will do nothing but further, worsen your experience.

Final Verdict

LegacyFX is a platform that has a lot of satisfied customers present all over the world. However, at the same time, some are not satisfied with its services at all. It all depends on your requirements when you are selecting the platform for yourself. So, make sure that you select any platform right according to your requirements for the best experience.

In terms of features, benefits, safety, and user experience, LegacyFX brings the best value for you by all means. Moreover, it has some good ratings and reviews over different online platforms out of which some are also from its users.

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