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The 21st century is the era of technology and digital advancements. A lot of things that we used to do a decade ago are not there anymore because they have become outdated due to the advancements in technology. One major thing that has recently changed is the way of earning for most people. Instead of physical working and services, most people have now switched towards online working.

Whether it is related to some skill or knowledge, the online platforms provide the best value by all means. It makes things convenient for everyone. An amazing example of this phenomenon is the world of trading. Unlike how trading used to be years ago, now the whole thing is present in the palm of your hands.

There are no offline middlemen with phones or slips. There is no need to wait for your trades to close and no waiting in lines for your turn. All you need to do is to take your phone or computer out and start trading with ease. There are a lot of platforms that provide these services. However, here we will be focusing more on easyMarkets as it brings some amazingly unique features for you.

So, here is our detailed review of easyMarkets.

How does it work?

The working methodology of easyMarkets is no different than some of its competitors, however, the interesting part is that it was one of the first online trading platforms. Apart from everything and all the features, easyMarkets was focused on making trading possible for even the individuals with lease savings.

Being focused on the convenience and better experience of its clients was the thing that brought a lot of benefits to easyMarkets. Now easyMarkets provides trading opportunities for different instruments, currencies, cryptocurrencies, and even metal. So, the scope of easyMarkets is pretty wide for investors and traders.

What makes easyMarkets a good choice?

As mentioned above, the reason for the amazing success of easyMarkets was the fact that it was among the first trading platforms that provided online services. This success made easyMarkets bring a lot of features for its users. So, here are some of the best features that you get from easyMarkets.

You do not have to face any lags whatsoever

Sometimes the platform lags a bit and when you place your trade the rates change at the backend. In this way, the trade you place is placed at the backend rate and not at the rate you see on the front end of your platform. easyMarkets makes sure that there is no slippage, and all your trades are at the same rate.

Fixed spreads make the whole thing more beneficial for you

An amazing feature provided by easyMarkets is that the spreads are fixed. They do not change the trading hours. So, whenever you are placing your trade, you will know the fixed trading spreads. Additionally, easyMarkets provides tight spreads for better earning.


A transparent business model makes you aware of all the fees that you have to pay

easyMarkets brings a transparent business model. This feature adds to those fixed spreads feature making things transparent. So, with easyMarkets, there are no hidden charges or fees that you have to pay. Everything that you have to pay is mentioned upfront.

Guaranteed Stop Loss features ensure that you do not lose a lot

If there is going to be a runaway loss, then the guaranteed stop-loss feature keeps you and your trade safe. It is a feature that is provided by easyMarkets for free. So, you can use this feature on the website and mobile application platforms to stay safe by all means.

Negative balance protection always keeps you safe whenever you invest

Sometimes you make up your mind to invest. However, the price for that trade is more than you know which puts you into a state of negative balance. easyMarkets understands how bad it can be for your account and keeps you safe by the negative balance protection feature. This is a standard feature that ensures to keep you safe at every trade.

Different account types help you to go for the option that is the best for you

Unlike most of the trading platforms, things are pretty organized here. You do not have to go for something until you need it. It is because the whole thing is under the organization of the 3 account type methodology.

It means that you will only get the VIP features if you want them. Otherwise, you can go for the Standard ones bringing more ease for you.

A long list of currencies accepted

Selecting a trading platform is never a good choice when you do not get enough trading opportunities on it. The best part about easyMarkets is that it provides options for a lot of different things. There are around 19 options that you can go for when you select easyMarkets as your trading platform.

Why you should use it more often?

The value a platform brings for you depends on a few things including experience, benefits, and client convenience. For Sure! easyMarkets brings a lot of benefits making things extremely attractive for every new and old client. These benefits are also the reason why easyMarkets is the perfect choice for most newcomers to the trading world. So, some of the best benefits of easyMarkets are:

1. The mobile application makes the whole experience excellent

The biggest benefit of going with easyMarkets is that it is a platform that cares about the environment. It cares about the digital environment in a way that it adapts to everything when necessary. This is the era of mobile phones and easyMarkets provides its mobile application for both iPhone users and Android users to make their trading experience excellent.

2. Easy trading makes it the best platform even for beginners

easyMarkets brings easy trading options for its clients. These are the underlying technologies implemented in the backend of the easyMarkets platform that lets clients trade with limited risks. The unlimited trading potential makes sure that you can trade whenever and wherever you want.

Moreover, Apart from all of that the best thing about easyMarkets is no margin requirements. It allows you to trade the way you want to.

3. Deal Cancellation is a unique feature provided by easyMarkets

You do not get this feature everywhere! Deal Cancellation is an exclusive feature provided by easyMarkets that makes it very innovative. So, the thing is that you can undo any losing trade within a specific time. Now this time is not specified, it can be 1 hour or 6 hours depending on the case.

However, it makes things pretty reliable for every beginner because the chances of you losing trade are significantly less this way.

4. The freeze rate tool makes trading a better option for those slow thinkers

Sometimes you are just unable to immediately decide whether you must place the trade or not. The issue here is that as soon as you make your decision the rate changes and you lose what you probably have earned by making the trade. So, easyMarkets came up with another attractive unique feature that is the Freeze rate tool. It lets you freeze the price you see for a short time.

In this way, you can have that extra bit of time to decide if you are going to further wait or place the trade. This buffer for a few seconds can make the whole thing for you that was otherwise going to break.

5. Predefined risk tools make trading less risky for the learners

Artificial intelligence is making huge changes in the way we live our life. The prediction tools help a lot in making calculated decisions. The Vanilla options from easyMarkets are something with a similar concept because it allows you to trade with a predefined risk amount. In this way, you can easily set up hedges against the volatility that you may have to face.

6. easyMarkets academy brings even more value

One huge issue with trading is that the advanced traders are getting better while the new ones have to take the risk for every trade that they make to gain experience. It sets a huge gap between traders. So, the easyMarkets academy brings the right way of learning. Here the beginners, as well as advanced traders, can learn everything that they need to know.

7. Several awards make it one of the most reliable trading platforms

If you are still worried about the reliability of this platform then you need to take a look at the list of awards that easyMarkets has won. It has been the best trading platform in several categories. With all of these awards, there is still one thing that you need to consider. It is that your trading factors matter more than the platform you choose.

Choosing easyMarkets can be your right decision about trading but the trading results will only matter on how you place your trades.

Whatโ€™s unique in it?

If you take a look at the history of easyMarkets you will note that it has been enthusiastic towards the betterment of customers since its beginning in 2001.

However, that is not the only thing making it a better choice. Several features make it an amazing platform for all the beginners and intermediate traders out there. If you are looking for fixed spreads, then easyMarkets is the way to go.

While it brings some special value for the new traders, its feature list also keeps all the advanced traders in a favorable situation. Things like automation are also possible with a lot of other smart features. On top of everything, easyMarkets brings a new account bonus for people from different parts of the world. All of these goodies along with the list of unique features and benefits make easyMarkets better than others.

How easyMarkets brings value by different account options?

easyMarkets VIP Account Premium Account Standard Account
Platform Website/App/MT4 Website/App/MT4 Website/App/MT4
Minimum transaction requirement $70/ for Website/App

0.01 lot for MT4

$70/ for Website/App

0.01 lot for MT4

$70/ for Website/App

0.01 lot for MT4

Minimum deposit limits $10000 $2000 $25
Commission 0 0 0
Account fee 0 0 0
Trading insights Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis email Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis email Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis email
Negative balance protection Yes Yes Yes


Some of the points you need to see:

Achieving perfection is always impossible as there always remains a little bit of room for a mistake. No matter how well a platform is, there are always some drawbacks for some users. The same is the case with easyMarkets. So, the following are some of the cons that you must know about easyMarkets.

  • easyMarkets is not FCA regulated
  • There are no options to use your VPS for easyMarkets
  • The number of instruments on easyMarkets is limited
  • 24/7 customer support is not available from easyMarkets. It is only available 5 days a week
  • Not all of the features are compatible with MT4
  • easyMarkets does not take clients from every country especially including the United States

Having some cons does not make any platform bed. Well, nothing cannot be perfect for everyone. It might be perfect for some and imperfect for others. So, the best way to check if a platform like easyMarkets is perfect for you or not is to study your requirements first. If it meets all your requirements, then undoubtedly it will be the best platform for you.

Final Verdict

With its set of features and accepted trading options, easyMarkets provides a light multi-asset solution as an online brokerage. It sets itself apart from a lot of competitors because it offers a lot more options. Additionally, there are a lot of awards in the name of easyMarkets making it highly reliable. Along with that, the user-friendly interface for mobile and web platforms makes it perfect for everyone.

However, even with all of these goodies, you cannot say that going with easyMarkets will get you the success that you need.

So, there are a lot of different things that you need to care for in trading. Some of those are luck, timing, knowledge, and experience. So, it means that easyMarkets can be your best choice for trading, but you still need to maintain a balance with all other things that matter.

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