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XTB is a CFD and Forex broker founded in Warsaw in 2002. The company has more than 11 branches worldwide. XTB offers three different account models, allowing clients to choose between instant and market execution, as well as between fixed and variable spreads. This makes XTB a hybrid of market maker and STP broker. XTB Secures a high place in the best Forex brokers for 2024.

Finally, XTB was able to gain points by charging trading fees. The trading platform xStation and the offer of around 50 currency pairs are also appealing. For the first time, a broker from Poland is on the podium in the “CFD Broker” category. It’s possible because of low trading fees and a good offer.

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The Pros and Cons of XBT

Pros / Cons
  • Over 5 000 Financial Instruments including approx. 57 Currency Pairs, Real Stocks & CFDs, Cryptocurrencies.
  • Two account models: Standard and Professional
  • maximum leverage of 1:500 (standard model)
  • Variable spreads depending on the account model from 0.8/0.1 points
  • Instant market execution
  • xStation and MT4 trading platforms and mobile apps
  • free demo account
  • No minimum deposit
  • Trading in synthetic stocks possible

XTB offers zero commission on shares and ETFs trading

In addition to stock CFDs, real stocks and ETFs can also be traded at XTB. You can choose from stocks on 16 stock exchanges worldwide, including the Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges, as well as ETFs from well-known providers. Since October 2020, real shares and ETFs can be traded with 0.0 percent commission. These conditions apply up to a turnover of 100,000 euros per month. The custody fee is 0.15 percent of the volume pa

You can trade CFDs on cryptocurrencies

You can trade CFDs on Bitcoin, Ripple, IOTABTC, Dash, LTCUSD and 20 other crypto instruments. A leverage of 2:1, 365 days holding period & high liquidity is possible.

XTB Trading Fees

XTB does not charge any account opening or account maintenance fees. A minimum deposit is not required for either of the two account models. Customers can choose between fixed and variable spreads, starting at 0.7/0.1 points depending on the model.  

Are account management fees due?

With pure CFD and Forex accounts, there are no account management fees – no matter which of the two models you choose.

What is the minimum deposit at XTB?

XTB does not require a minimum deposit. Only the security deposit (margin) required for the trade must be deposited.

What are the spreads on XTB?

At XTB you have the choice between fixed and variable spreads . The following table provides an overview:

Instrument Standard (variabel) Pro (STP)
Quelle: XTB,Target Spread-Standard / Pro, Stand: 07.01.2021
Germany 30 1,00000 0,80000
EUR/USD 0,00009 0,00003
Gold 0,35000 0,15000

With the variable spreads of the standard and the pro model, you can trade at particularly favorable conditions when there is high demand, since the spreads then become narrower.

There are no requotes.

Are there commission fees?

Commission fees are due:

  • With the account model Pro . They are 3.50 euros per lot on forex, indices and commodities. This commission is not charged for the Standard account model
  • When trading Stock CFDs and ETF CFDs . They are at least 0.08 percent or at least EUR 8 for all account types

How high are the costs in stock and ETF trading?

There are no commission fees for trading in real stocks and ETFs up to a transaction volume of EUR 100,000 per month. For transactions that go beyond this, 0.2 percent (at least 10 euros) are charged.

How high are the financing costs at XTB?

There are no overnight financing costs for indices. For all other values, XTB relies on swap points.

What about an obligation to make additional payments?

With XTB there is no obligation to make additional payments. If the prices develop in such a way that the customer’s security deposits (margins) deposited in the account are no longer sufficient for open positions, no additional money needs to be injected. Traders cannot lose more money than they wagered.

What fees are due when depositing or withdrawing funds?

XTB accepts deposits and withdrawals via bank transfer, credit card and PayPal. XTB does not charge any fees for this – with one exception: For withdrawals under 200 euros, 10 euros are charged for all three account models.

XTB Trading offers

XTB specializes in trading CFDs and Forex. There are two account models: Standard and Pro. Over 5,000 instruments are offered, including around 57 currency pairs. The maximum leverage is 1:30 – this corresponds to a margin of 3.3 percent. The xStation and the Meta Trader 4 are available as trading platforms. In addition, “real” shares can be traded. The minimum lot size in forex trading is 0.01 lots.

What account models does XTB offer?

At XTB you can choose between two different account models: Standard and Professional . The following table shows the most important differences:

Standard Pro
Source: XTB, as of May 6th, 2021/ *No commission up to a turnover of 100,000 euros per month, then 0.2% (at least 10.00 euros)
Spread Variabler Spread Variable Market Spread
Min. Spread ab 0,00008 0,00001
Execution type Instant / Market Market
Guaranteed Stop Loss during trading hours no no
Stock CFDs and ETF CFDs Ab 0.08 % (mind. 8 €) Ab 0.08 % (mind. 8 €)
currency And And
Stocks and ETFs 0.0% to 0.2% (at least 10.00 euros)* 0.0% to 0.2% (at least 10.00 euros)*
indices and commodities no And
trading platforms xStation 5 & xStation 5 App xStation 5 & xStation 5 App

There is no minimum deposit required for any of the models. Account opening and management is free of charge in all models. The maximum leverage is identical.

What stocks are tradable on XTB?

Over 5,000 instruments can be traded at XTB , including around 50 currency pairs, more than 2,000 stocks and 40 indices. The following list provides an overview:

  • currency
  • CFDs on indices
  • shares
  • CFDs on commodities
  • CFDs on shares
  • CFDs on ETFs

New: Shares and ETFs can now also be traded at XTB

In addition to stock CFDs, real stocks and ETFs can also be traded at XTB. You can choose from stocks from 16 stock exchanges worldwide, including the Frankfurt and New York stock exchanges, as well as ETFs from well-known providers. Since October 2020, real shares and ETFs can be traded with 0.0 percent commission. These conditions apply up to a turnover of 100,000 euros per month. The custody fee is 0.15 percent of the volume pa

XTB thus offers a large selection of instruments – but it does not come close to the frontrunners in this respect.

What is the leverage at XTB?

Important note on CFD trading: Due to regulatory requirements, private individuals are subject to leverage restrictions (max. 30:1) , as well as automatic loss limitation, marketing restrictions and a mandatory risk warning. The rules came into effect on August 1, 2018.

The maximum leverage at XTB is 1:30 , which corresponds to a margin of 3.3 percent . The following table shows the maximum leverage in the different markets:

market maximum leverage
Source: XTB, as of 01/07/2021
currency 1:30
CFDs on shares 1:5
CFDs on indices 1:20
CFDs on ETFs k.A.
CFDs on commodities 1:20

Different levers apply to professional traders. Information on this can be found on the XTB homepage.

What is the minimum lot size in forex trading?

The minimum lot size is 0.01 lot.

XTB trading platforms

XTB focuses on two trading platforms : The xStation 5 and the Meta Trader 4. In addition, it offers apps (Android and iOS) for both platforms , with which trading is also possible on the go . There’s even a smartwatch app for the xStation.

xtb xstation

xStation 5

The xStation 5 is an in-house development and is available as a desktop version and web-based. Among other things, it offers numerous order types, trading with just one click and more than 20 technical indicators. Orders are executed in under 85 milliseconds on average. The Trader’s Talk supports you with news and analysis as well as a live audio feed. You can also use automated trading systems.

Meta Trader 4

The Meta Trader 4 is the classic among the trading platforms. It has been extremely popular for over 10 years. It can also do one-click trading and comes with over 30 indicators for technical analysis. You can also trade automatically with Expert Advisors.


XTB is proving to be an exciting alternative to other CFD and Forex brokers thanks to a number of unique features. It’s a cross between a market maker and a STP broker. Customers can choose between the two options by selecting the appropriate account model. In periods of high liquidity, the professional model, in particular, offers very narrow market spreads – for which a commission is charged. On the other hand, the Basic model provides the security of fixed spreads.

The selection is large, if not enormous, with over 5,000 instruments. Real shares and ETFs, as well as CFDs on cryptocurrencies, can be traded without commission up to a monthly volume of 100,000 euros. The deposit insurance, which protects 90% of deposits up to 22,000 euros, is the most serious source of criticism. That’s the bare minimum of what’s possible.

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