Libertex Review

Libertex is a regulated European broker that allows you to trade derivatives in stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices, commodities, and forex from the comfort of your own home.

Its online trading platform caters to a market of traders interested in trading CFDs. The platform has a low minimum deposit requirement, some educational resources, and a practice trading account.

Because of these features, even a new trader can try Libertex risk-free and assess the broker more thoroughly. Is it worth it in comparison to the alternatives available? How does it work, and what kind of assets does it provide?

If you are curious, here’s one of the most comprehensive Libertex reviews available, covering everything from platform functionality to user feedback (without forgetting the security aspect).

  • Register on Libertexย ;
  • Deposit money into your trading account;
  • Search for the CFD instruments you want to trade on;
  • Select your stop loss, change the leverage, set the take profit and choose the amount to invest;
  • Open a position by clicking on “Buy” or “Sell”.

Libertex Review

What is Libertex?

Libertex is a brand owned by Indication Investments Ltd., a Cyprus-based investment firm and member of the Forex Club group.

The online broker has been in business since 1997 and serves millions of clients from 27 different countries.

Libertex ‘s offering focuses on CFDs, but it also includes forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, stocks, indices, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Because it is a market maker, it stands between the market and the client by offering derivatives in place of the underlying instruments.

As a result, when you invest with Libertex, you’re buying derivative contracts based on the underlying rather than actual assets on the stock exchange.

Libertex Trading Platforms

Trading on the financial markets is possible via an online platform (WebTrader), a mobile app, or third-party MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 software.

It provides over 250 tools, which is not a large selection when compared to competitors such as eToro. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Dash, and other popular cryptocurrencies can all be traded on the platform.

Not only that, but it also allows you to trade CFDs of American and European stocks, as well as a wide range of commodities, indices from the major world exchanges, and a variety of forex pairs.

Libertex Trading Platforms

Libertex users also have access to online learning materials via a beginner’s course, a demo account to get started safely, and customer support that can be reached via live chat.

Is Libertex safe or scam?

When evaluating an online forex broker, the first thing to consider is its trustworthiness. It may even claim to offer the best deal, but what if the platform is a ruse?

Let’s look at the platform in more detail. First and foremost, we’re dealing with a company (Indication Investments Ltd, which is part of the Forex Club group) that has over 20 years of experience in the industry.

The company, as well as CEO Michael Geiger and his team, are well-known on a global scale. All of these factors rule out the possibility that Libertex is a scam.

Indication Investments Ltd, on the other hand, is a Cyprus-based investment company that is regulated and supervised by the CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) under license number CIF 164/12.

This regulation establishes that the company exists and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Cyprus authorities. Although it is not a 100% guarantee, a scam broker would almost certainly not be registered with CySEC.

Libertex Demo Account

By registering for a free demo account, traders can test the broker’s CFD trading platform. A trial account is an excellent option:

  • Both for novice traders who can do simulations without risking their money;
  • Both for the more experienced traders, who can evaluate the trading platform before deciding on one.

Libertex Demo Account

You will find ย โ‚ฌ50,000 virtual to use in the demo account, which is similar to the real trading platform. The trial account can be used for an unlimited amount of time and can be reloaded once the funds have been depleted.

To open a demo account you just need:

  • go to the broker’s websiteย ;
  • click on the Practice button on a Demo Account;
  • enter an email and invent a password;
  • confirm and enter the test account.

Costs and Spreads at Libertex

Libertex, unlike other market maker brokers, offers a variety of investment options. Companies like eToro,, and XTB offer no trading commissions in exchange for an increase in market spreads (bid-ask price).

This can lead to the investor believing they are operating on the markets at no cost when, in fact, they are operating undercover.

The broker is different: the platform uses a low spread model, which means that each trade has a clear cost without excessive margins.

The price that traders see is the price that they pay. This can be advantageous because it allows the trader to better determine the position’s entry and exit prices.

Spreads vary by instrument and can be either fixed or dynamic. The following is a list of some of the most popular CFD assets.


Asset Spread Libertex
WTI oil 0.0623%
NASDAQ 100 0.0187%
EUR-USD 0.0062%
Amazon shares 0.0792%
Bitcoin 0.6764%

Libertex also offers up to 50% spread discounts to new members and clients who manage large sums of money, lowering trading costs.

Here’s how the discounts on trading fees applied by the Libertex broker work:

Minimum deposit โ‚ฌ 250 โ‚ฌ 1500 โ‚ฌ 5000
Discount percentage -3% -20% -30%

The broker charges other operating costs in addition to trading fees, such as:

  • on money withdrawal (some methods are free);
  • for keeping open CFD positions over the weekend or overnight (overnight fee).

Money deposits, on the other hand, are completely free. However, the amount of currency conversion fees is unknown.

Libertex Minimum Deposit

If you choose to deposit money with a credit/debit card or a digital wallet, the minimum deposit is โ‚ฌ 100. The minimum required threshold drops to โ‚ฌ 10 after the first payment of money.

By selecting a deposit method and clicking the Deposit button above, you can fund your Libertex account. There are a variety of deposit options available, all of which are free:

  • credit card;
  • debit card;
  • ewallet (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Giropay, Sofort, etc.);
  • wire transfer.

All account deposit methods are instant, with the exception of wire transfer payments, which require 3-5 days to deposit.

Keep in mind that the method you use to make the minimum deposit will be valid for future withdrawals as well.

How to Make a Libertex Withdrawal

To withdraw funds from your account, go to the top right drop-down menu and select “Withdraw Funds,” then create a new request.

The broker charges a commission on the withdrawal, depending on the method selected:

  • Credit / debit card: 1 โ‚ฌ;
  • Bank transfer: 0.5% (min. โ‚ฌ 2 – max. 10 โ‚ฌ);
  • Neteller: 1%.

Libertex: Opinions and reviews

What are your thoughts on Libertex as a broker? The majority of online reviews are positive, as evidenced by the fact that Libertex has received more than 4.5 stars on Trustpilot.

Many reviews say it’s a good place to start investing, from the demo account to the live account. It should be noted that the majority of the comments are written in a foreign language, and there is no shortage of negative and constructive criticism.


Looking at Libertex as a whole, the broker provides a semi-advanced level platform, complete with the right mix of technical trading tools while remaining user-friendly.

It has more indicators and a less basic view than eToro, for example. Libertex, on the other hand, does not have any special features: it focuses on providing the essential tools and does not offer any additional services.

To maintain the eToro comparison, it lacks features such as copy trading, cryptocurrency wallet & exchange, Copyportfolio, and so on.

Libertex’s financial instrument offering is also limited (around 250), but it includes all fundamental and most traded assets.

It’s interesting to see how he approaches commissions. Libertex is the only CFD platform that offers spread discounts based on the user’s profile. This makes trading costs more transparent, lowering the risk of surprises.


What Can I Trade With Libertex?

Libertex is a CFD trading platform available online. The profit is determined by your financial market investments, which are based on the fluctuation of the prices of tradable assets on the Libertex platform.

How is Libertex Trading Platform?

The Libertex trading platform is intuitive and easy-to-use with excellent Trustpilot ratings. It does, however, have some disadvantages that you should be aware of.

Is Libertex a scam?

No. Libertex is a regulated broker and therefore authorized to operate in the CFD and forex industry.

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Min โ‚ฌ100 Deposit

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