eToro Review

Do you want to buy stocks from the comfort of your home? If so, you may have heard of FCA broker eToro. Thismulti-asset platform is truly popular with embarking investors- opening an account and depositing money is easy and you can buy shares in a a matter of few seconds without any commissions. But is eToro the right choice for you? You’ll find out in our review.

In this eToro review, we will discuss all the basics, including the types of tradable shares, fees and commissions, trading instruments, payment options, usability, regulation and more. Find out if eToro is for you.

How to start on eToro?

If you like eToro and want to start trading stocks without commissions, you will find the required steps below:

  • 1 –¬†Creating an account (¬†eToro¬†)
  • 2 –¬†Identity verification
  • 3 –¬†Making a deposit
  • 4 –¬†Purchase of shares

What is eToro?

eToro is an online broker founded in 2007 by fintech entrepreneurs in Israel. It offers a wide range of assets that you can buy in the traditional sense, but there is also trading in the form of differential contracts (CFDs).

In terms of traditional ownership, stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies are available for selection, while CFDs offer stocks, indices, bonds, metals, energy and more.

One of the biggest advantages of eToro is the fee structure, because as one of the few platforms it offers the purchase of shares without commissions. The same is true for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and more than 153 ETFs. As a stock trading platform with a focus on beginning investors, eToro is a suitable solution for online shopping.

You can easily open a merchant account within a few minutes and make a deposit by credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer. Then you just have to choose how much you want to invest, what shares you want to buy and click on the trade confirmation.

We should certainly also mention the copying of trade and social trade, which are behind the strong interest in this trading platform. Thanks to these possibilities, you can communicate with other investors in a similar spirit as on Facebook and copy the trades of others.

What shares can be bought on eToro?

eToro offers over 1,700 shares from various markets. It is a smaller offer than IG or Hargreaves Lansdown, but there is still a lot to choose from and there are also the best shares of 2021. You can easily invest in shares of BP, Royal Mail, Tesco or HSBC, for example.

buying shares using eToro

Furthermore, eToro will also serve you in the field of international diversification. The main offer is the American markets. You have a choice of hundreds of well-known companies from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ.

You will find stocks like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, IBM, Ford Motors, Nike, Disney and more. You trade on all the listed exchanges completely without commissions, to which we will return later in our eToro review.

As for the specific types of stocks on offer, there is technology, retail, banking, food, beverages and even cannabis! If you are interested in passive income, then there are also dividend shares.

You can follow the development of your favorite stocks through watchlists.

Fractional shares in eToro

eToro is one of the few online forex brokers offering “fractional shares”. As the name suggests, you can only buy a “fraction” of the stock. This has several advantages. For example, imagine a situation where you want to add a few US stocks to your eToro portfolio.

US markets are denominated in dollars, and the shares of some companies from the NYSE and NASDAQ will easily cost you hundreds and often even thousands of dollars.

As an example, take a look at Amazon, which at the time of writing this eToro review costs $ 3,184. However, most investors do not want to invest such a large amount in a single stock. First, it makes portfolio diversification more challenging, and you could also quickly exceed your planned investment budget.

If you want to buy Amazon shares on eToro, $ 50 will be enough for you. In other words – if you invest $10 in Amazon, you will own approximately 1.6% of one share. This fractional ownership applies to all more than 1,700 shares offered by eToro.


If you want to use eToro to buy international stocks, but you can’t choose specific companies, you might want to consider ETFs.¬†This way, you invest in a package of different stocks in one trade.

After buying an ETF from eToro, you don’t have to do anything else and just wait for the right moment to sell.¬†The ETF provider will handle the purchase and sale of shares for you.¬†In total, eToro offers 153 ETFs from various market sectors.

Specifically, you will find the ETFs of the three largest providers in this sector of the financial market – Vanguard, iShares and SDPR.¬†So you can invest in the world’s most popular ETFs.¬†For example, each of these providers offers ETFs that monitor the performance of the S&P 500 index.

eToro efts

The S&P 500 is the most traded index in the world and includes 500 US companies with the largest capitalization. With a single investment in the ET&S S&P 500, you can buy a stake in 500 different companies from eToro.

In addition, if you want to take diversification to a new level, you can buy ETFs with bond exposure. For example, the Vanguard Total International Bond ETF contains over 6,000 bond instruments from various markets. You will acquire all these assets again by purchasing a single ETF.

As for the minimum investment, you can buy the ETF on eToro from $ 50. This is great news for many investors, because most online brokers require much more.

Other assets at eToro

If you want to invest in a wide range of assets, you can do it on eToro.

Here is a summary of what else you will find on the platform:

  • Indexes:¬†eToro offers 13 indexes that you buy or sell at the click of a button.¬†These include the FTSE 100, Dow Jones 30, France 40, S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, Japan 225 and more.
  • Cryptocurrencies:¬†You can get 16 different¬†cryptocurrencies¬†on eToro with a minimum investment of $ 25.¬†The menu includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and more.¬†You can also trade crypto cross pairs such as BTC / ETH.¬†You can either own cryptocurrencies as assets or trade them through CFDs.
  • Commodities:¬†There are also commodities on eToro.¬†There are several oil and gas markets, gold, silver, copper and several agricultural products.
  • Currencies (FX):¬†eToro also offers a great environment for trading currency pairs, of which there are over 40.

It should be noted that except for equities, ETFs and cryptoactive assets, all other asset classes are traded through CFDs. You trade the future value of the underlying asset without having to actually own it. This option is particularly interesting for trading in tangible assets such as gold, silver and oil.

You will not own the underlying asset, but CFDs at eToro have two key benefits that traditional ownership does not offer – leverage and the possibility of short sales.

However, keep in mind that CFDs are complex and high-risk instruments and the risk is even greater when using financial leverage. Before you decide to invest your money in them, do enough research to understand how they work.

eToro Leverage

With leverage, you can trade more than you have in your account. eToro is subject to and complies with all regulations of the European Securities Authority (ESMA). As a result, financial leverage for all living in Europe is limited by an upper limit.

eToro leverage

For stocks it is 1: 5, for gold 1:20 and for major currency pairs 1:30. You can leverage up to 1: 2 for cryptocurrency trading and 1:10 for commodities (except gold).

If you don’t know how leverage works, it’s practically a multiplication of your deposit. Let’s say you want to invest $100 in gold. If the price of gold increased by 10%, your profit would increase to $200 with a lever of 1:20 (you multiply 10% of $100 by a lever of 20).

eToro short sales

One of the most popular features of eToro is the possibility of short sales. This simply gives you the opportunity to speculate on a drop in price.

Let’s say, for example, that you have done a detailed survey of HSBC shares, which shows that they are extremely overvalued.¬†While most investors would simply avoid stocks, smarter investors would consider short selling to capitalize on their decline.

eToro dividends

Very often people ask us if eToro pays dividends. In short, yes Рwhen investing in an ETF at eToro, you are entitled to exactly the dividend that the company chooses to pay.

eToro dividends

In the case of shares, the company will transfer the dividend to eToro, which will immediately add it to your account balance. You can withdraw money now or better yet Рreinvest it in other assets. You will use the compound interest to the maximum.

For ETFs, providers like Vanguard and iShares usually pay dividends every three months. Companies pay dividends differently from the whole basket of assets during the month and it would be impractical to transfer each amount separately.

Instead, the ETF will pay you dividends in a lump sum for the entire quarter. Dividends will be credited to your eToro account again and you can withdraw them immediately.

eToro fees and commissions

One of the most important factors in choosing a forex broker is the fee structure. And we’re not just talking about a stock purchase fee. There are many more.

Therefore, we will now take a closer look at all eToro fees.

Zero stock purchase fees

The driving force behind eToro is the purchase of shares without any commissions. This applies to the complete offer of eToro shares, whether local or foreign. Such a generous offer deviates a lot from the offer of traditional local brokers, which is why eToro has already attracted more than 12 million investors.

For example, popular British broker Hargreaves Lansdown charges an entry fee of £ 11.95. You pay this fee when you buy and then again when you sell. So if you buy Royal Mail shares for £ 50, the fee will be 23.9% of your entire investment! You can make the same trade with eToro for free.

However, be careful, this only applies if you meet the following conditions:

  • You do not trade on leverage
  • You are not selling for a short time

Both of the above conditions would mean that you are trading a stock CFD, so you are trading , not investing.

Purchase of £ 1,000 shares on eToro compared to UK brokers

Below are the fees you would pay when buying £ 1,000 in shares on eToro, IG and traditional companies like Hargreaves Lansdown.

eToro IG Hargreaves Lansdown
International events 0 £ 0 £ or 10 £ 11.95 £ or 1% (min. £ 20 / max. £ 50)

Long position in stock CFDs worth £ 1,000 on eToro compared to UK brokers

Below are the fees you would pay to open a long £ 1,000 equity CFD position at eToro, Plus500 or MarketsX.

eToro Plus500 MarketsX
S&P 500 1,20 £ 1,05 £ 1,30 £
Europe 50 1,35 £ 0,65 £ 1,25 £
Apple 3,15 £ 4,45 £ 3,20 £


Additional charges

There are several fees you need to know when using eToro.


In the world of stocks, spreads represent the difference between demand (purchase price) and supply (selling price). Understanding this principle is very important because it is in itself an indirect cost of trading and affects the resulting ROI (return on investment).

eToro does not have fixed spreads and will therefore change according to the current market situation.¬†This means that in the period when it trades the most, you will have practically the best conditions in terms of spreads.¬†To give you a better idea of ‚Äč‚Äčhow much you will actually pay on the spread, the purchase and sale price of Royal Mail shares was 174.24 and 174.80 pence during standard trading hours.¬†This means that the spread was approximately 0.32%.¬†Since you don’t pay any purchase fees, these are relatively great terms.

Inactivity fee

If you are inactive for more than a year, eToro will start charging $ 10 each month.

Deposit and withdrawal fees

eToro does not charge any fees directly for deposits. However, there is an indirect cost of currency conversion that must be taken into account. All eToro accounts are denominated in US dollars. If you make a deposit by credit card, e-wallet or bank transfer, they will charge you a currency conversion fee of 0.5%.

Withdrawals are subject to a fixed fee of $ 5, so approximately $ 110.

eToro trading platform for stocks

As for buying and selling shares at eToro, this is a very simple procedure. You can search for investments in two ways.

  • You can either find a specific company and go directly to its investment page
  • Or you can choose from a whole eToro library using filters for a specific stock exchange, industry, etc.

Types of commands

Although eToro is aimed at beginning investors, you still have a lot to choose from in terms of orders.

Command types include:

  • Market order:¬†With this order you buy or sell at the current price.¬†If the stock market is open, the trade will take place within a few seconds.
  • Limit order:¬†You use the limit order when you want to buy shares at a specific price.¬†Please note that this order will only be completed on condition that the share reaches the set price.¬†If this does not happen, the command will wait until the condition is fulfilled or you cancel it.
  • Stop loss order:¬†This type of order is useful if you want to buy and sell shares for a short time.¬†In principle, this is the automatic closing of a position if the price falls by a specified value.
  • Take profit order:¬†This type of order is again suitable for short-term traders.¬†It allows you to automatically close a position when it reaches a specified profit.

To sum it up, if you are going to buy shares on eToro that you want to hold for a long time for several years, then you will suffice with a market order.

eToro reviews on stock buying, social trading and copytrading

EToro is often referred to as a “social trading platform”.¬†and there is a good reason for that.¬†If you have not encountered this phenomenon yet, it is practically a social network, except that for stocks and the investment environment.¬†In other words, you can discuss your business ideas here and get investment recommendations from colleagues in a public place.

Let’s say a more experienced trader has issued an investment recommendation for eToro for the coming week.¬†In this case, you can not only read the recommendation, but also respond to it.

You will especially appreciate it if you are really starting out and need to gain new experiences and perspectives. You can then add the selected eToro users to your friends list, allowing you to follow their activities on the platform.

Market CopyPortfolios

eToro is an excellent platform for social commerce, but nothing can match the offered copytrading functions. Thanks to this, you can search for favorite investors on eToro and copy all their trading activities to the letter. You will copy not only the entire portfolio of the trader, but also his future investments.

So you can invest in stocks without having to do your own research. So if you are just starting to learn how to invest in stocks, but at the same time you would like to invest, then you can use CopyTrader.

Market CopyPortfolios

The best part is that you can invest the amount that suits you – after meeting the minimum of $ 200.

There are no additional fees associated with copying trades, and you can close positions whenever you want. You can even close individual orders directly in the portfolio, which gives you 100% control over the money.


The best traders on eToro to copy

At the time of writing, you can copy just under 710,000 merchants. Fortunately, there are a bunch of filters to help you choose the most suitable candidate to meet your long-term goals.

To give you an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčwhat to consider when choosing a merchant, we’ve created this list:

  • Total revenue traders since coming to eToro
  • Monthly revenues
  • Risk (1 lowest, 10 highest)
  • Preferred assets (shares, ETFs, etc.)
  • Average trade duration (determines whether the trader is focused on the short, medium or long term)
  • Number of copy merchants and amount of assets managed

Finding a merchant on eToro can really take a long time. After all, you choose from thousands of potential options.

With this in mind, we have selected the three current best eToro copy traders for you.

  1. Jay Edward Smith – Jaynemesis – the best rated trader with a year-on-year yield of 68% in 2020

Rest assured that Jay Edward Smith, nicknamed “Jaynemesis”, is one of the hottest copy traders on eToro in 2021. First, this trader has a yield of over 68% in 2020 (taken in mid-October 2020).

  1. Jay Edward Smith – Jaynemesis – the best rated trader with a year-on-year yield of 68% in 2020

Rest assured that Jay Edward Smith, nicknamed “Jaynemesis”, is one of the hottest copy traders on eToro in 2021. First, this trader has a yield of over 68% in 2020 (taken in mid-October 2020).

Given the circumstances caused by COV-19 and the fact that many shares are still moving at pre-pandemic levels, this is an unprecedented performance. Even more admirable, apart from 0.57% hesitation in September 2020, Jay Edward Smith ended all the previous 14 months in profit. In 2018, this trader brought the followers an appreciation of 52%.

A closer look at his portfolio shows that he is investing in a diversified basket of stocks. You will find Microsoft, Etsy, UPS, Canadian Solar or Beyond Meat. 95% of the portfolio consists of shares, but a smaller part is also made by Bitcoin and ETFs.

Jay Edward Smith used to play with indices and commodities. From the point of view of eToro, its risk rating increased to 5/10 compared to the April value from 2020, when it was 2/10. The trader currently has over 26,000 followers and over $ 5 million in assets under management.

  1. Shamsher Malik – ShamsherMalik – low-risk stock and currency trader (55% year-on-year return for 2020)

If your 5/10 risk comes too high, take a closer look at trader Shamsher Malik. This UK trader specializing in fundamental analysis prefers safer investing. Specifically, it trades in stocks and on forex.

The position holds for an average of 2 weeks, which corresponds to following short-term trends.¬†Although its risk rating is 3/10, the returns do not stick to the ground at all.¬†For example, in the first 10 months of 2020, it had an appreciation of 12.32%.¬†It’s certainly a much smaller amount than Jay earned, but you also need to keep in mind the risk-return balance.

Of course, you should also expect higher returns from riskier traders. However, in 2019, Shamsher had an appreciation of 32%. The size of the drawdown is also very friendly, which is on average 10.45% per year.

  1. Mantas Dabkevicius – Mantasdabk – swing trader with great potential (55% year-on-year appreciation for 2020)

If you were interested in short-term swing trading, you might like the promising trader Mantas Dabkevicius.¬†He is from Denmark and regularly buys and sells assets under the nickname “Mantasdabk” on eToro.¬†The average duration of his trades is 1.5 weeks.

He enters an average of 25 trades a week, so he’s very active.¬†As for the assets of this eToro copy trader, 60% are shares.¬†Commodities, currencies, cryptocurrencies and ETFs also addressed him.

You can thus participate completely passively in various markets almost continuously. Regarding the appreciation of its history on the eToro platform, it dates back to December 2019. However, in the first month it earned 4.85% and in 2020 its appreciation was 55.62%.

This represents 58.70% of the profitable week since his arrival at eToro. Based on the high returns, you could say that he is a very risky trader, but his risk rating is actually 4/10. He thus improved from the 6/10 rating he had in March 2020.


eToro also provides more advanced tools for copying stores called CopyPortfolios. These are professionally managed portfolios using artificial intelligence and algorithmic trading. There are two types. Top Trader Portfolios are made up of the most successful traders on eToro and Market Portfolios combine certain assets into one selected trading strategy.

Top Trader Portfolio

Regarding the first type of Top Trader Portfolios, one of the most popular on eToro is “GainerQtr”.¬†In 2020, this portfolio earned slightly less than 20%.¬†The year before, the yield was just over 14%.¬†The portfolio is well diversified, with 25% making it 5 traders.¬†The rest is divided among a large number of traders from different markets.

Top Trader Portfolio

This is a more sophisticated way of copying, but at the same time the disadvantage is the minimum deposit in CopyPortfolio in the amount of 5,000 USD. Nevertheless, it must be acknowledged that in terms of passivity, this is the best investment available on eToro, because you do not have to deal with absolutely anything. No selection of suitable traders and portfolio rebalancing solutions.


Market Portfolios

With Market Portfolios, you can target specific areas of the financial markets.¬†One example is the “RemoteWork” portfolio.¬†It is a portfolio that offers exposure to companies associated with work from home (remote work).¬†These include Twilio, Zoom, Shopify, Adobe, Salesforce and more.

This particular portfolio has been particularly successful since its release in 2018. Over the last three years, its yields are 82% (2020 year-on-year), 41% (2019) and 49% (2018) Рperfect numbers. Other areas of eToro Market Portfolios include renewable energy, self-driving cars, mobile payments, food and technology, and video games.

Unlike Top Trader Portfolios, there is a minimum deposit of just $ 1,000. However, the specific amount depends on the selected portfolio, so check it for sure.

Graphs, survey and analysis on eToro

EToro lags slightly behind in research and analysis.¬†Although there is an integrated¬†TipRanks¬†website on the eToro web platform¬†, you still won’t know much about it.¬†For example, you cannot look at financial reports, detailed expert analyzes, or financial statements.

markets analysis on eToro

However, you can look at various analytical data associated with the selected stock.¬†These include piles of charts associated with the historical price and also the general agreement of the leading hedge funds.¬†As for the fundamental point of view, it’s again the same song – weakness.¬†Practically, there is only information that is shared by other users of the platform.

Therefore, it is better to search for source information externally on sources such as Yahoo Finance or Morningstar .

eToro mobile application

If you are one of the investors who want to always have their investments in mind, eToro offers a free trading application. You can download it for both iOS and Android devices. If you do not have any of the mentioned operating systems, you can still access the eToro platform via a mobile browser.

You can do the same in the investment application and the web version of the platform as in the main desktop version.¬†Whether it’s buying and selling stocks, checking the value of a portfolio or depositing / withdrawing funds, you’ll find it all in place.

etoro mobile app

The big advantage is that you are not limited by a small screen when using the eToro mobile application. The application is completely optimized for mobile devices, so everything works without any problems. If you want to take your investment efforts to the next level, experience all the benefits of eToro.

For example, you can find the value of your shares with one click, wherever you are. You can also invest at the last minute without having to wait until you get to your computer at home. The same applies to closing positions. Long hours of waiting before you get to your computer could end up costing you a lot of money.

eToro demo account

If you want to test your business skills without risking your hard earned money, create an eToro demo account. You will receive 100,000 virtual dollars and the complete functions of the eToro trading platform, including the ability to copy trades. It represents a great educational opportunity.

eToro demo account

eToro Deposit Options

One of the biggest advantages of eToro is the wide range of deposit options, including:

eToro Deposit Options

  • Debit cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Unionpay
  • Bank transfer

The payment methods mentioned above represent a great deal of flexibility, as many traditional brokers do not offer such options. Take Degiro as an example, where it can take several days to make a deposit. If you want to buy shares quickly, such a delay will definitely not please you.

However, when depositing with a debit / credit card or e-wallet on eToro, the deposit will be made immediately and you can start investing.

In terms of restrictions, the minimum deposit is $ 200. You may have noticed that everything at eToro is denominated in US dollars. There are over 1,700 shares from 17 international markets in the trading platform, and if you stick to a single currency, there is no need to consider a constant change in the exchange rate.

Is eToro safe?

The offer of instruments and fees are definitely very important factors when choosing a broker, but you should put even more emphasis on how the broker is in terms of regulation. This factor will affect the reliability of the broker and the security of your funds.

As for eToro, it holds three licenses:

  • Financial Markets Authority (FCA)¬†– eToro (UK) Limited is a member of the UK Deposit Insurance and Investor Compensation Scheme (FSCS).¬†It is a¬†document¬†stipulating that, under certain conditions, investors will receive compensation of up to ¬£ 85,000.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC)
  • Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC)

In addition to the mentioned regulations, it should also be taken into account that eToro has been operating in the field of stock trading since 2007. This is a 14-year-long history.¬†As we have already mentioned, the customer base numbers over 12 million investors.¬†With these factors in mind, you don’t have to worry about your resources at eToro.

How to start on eToro?

If you like eToro and want to start trading stocks without commissions, you will find the required steps below.

  1. Step: Create an account

First of all, you need to go to the eToro homepage and create an account. They will want some personal information from you, which is common to most regulated platforms. They ask for name, address, date of birth and contact details. They will also be interested in the birth number.

open account with etoro

  1. step: Identity verification

eToro must make sure that you are the real owner of the account. He will upload several documents for this purpose.

eToro Identity verification

These include:

  • Identity card, passport or driving license
  • Confirmation of permanent residence in the form of an account for services or an account statement

It usually takes less than an hour to verify documents on eToro. In the meantime, you can make your first deposit.

  1. Step: Make a deposit

Making a deposit is easy.¬†Just choose your payment method (see options above) and enter how much you want to deposit.¬†The minimum deposit is $ 200 (approximately $ 4,400).¬†If you do not opt ‚Äč‚Äčfor a bank transfer, the deposit will be made immediately.

  1. step: Purchase of shares

After making a deposit, you can start buying shares immediately.¬†If you know which company you want to invest in, you can easily find it in the search box at the top of the page.¬†If you want to go through the entire stock library, click on the “Trader Markets” button and then “Stocks”.¬†There is also the option of filtering by industry.

In our example, we want to buy Nike stock, so enter the name in the search box and click “Trade.”

Now all you have to do is enter the amount invested. As we mentioned, you enter this amount in dollars. The minimum investment is $ 50, so about $ 1,100.

To confirm the order, just click on the “Open Trade” button, if the markets are open and if not, then on the “Set Order” button.

eToro advantages and disadvantages


  • Purchase of shares without commissions
  • No annual fees
  • Over 1,700 tradable shares
  • Copying shops and social trading
  • Investing in equities or CFD trading
  • Offer from international markets
  • Very user friendly
  • Deposits by credit card, e-wallet and bank transfer
  • Minimum investment from $ 50


  • 0.5% currency conversion fee
  • Weak possibilities of research and analytical department


It is clear why more than 12 million investors like eToro. Its platform is very intuitive and in addition you do not pay any commissions for the purchase of shares. You do not have to deal with any annual fees and payment options include debit / credit cards, bank transfers and e-wallets.

If you are interested in more sophisticated strategies, you also have the option of trading on leverage and for short at eToro. This applies to more than 1,700 stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, bonds, currencies and commodities. To sum it up, eToro is a great solution for easy, safe and cost-effective equity investments.

Of course, we were not the only ones to come up with a review on eToro. As one of the most popular brokers, It devotes a lot of information resources on the Internet. If you look at other eToro reviews, you will find that they usually claim the same as we do – eToro is a quality platform for trading and investing.

Are you interested in the eToro offer? So click on the link below and create an account now!


Can you really make money on eToro?

Yes! With the right trading strategy or the right copy merchant, you can definitely make money on eToro. In our detailed review, we looked at the best copy merchants, so be sure to consider them.

What are the fees of eToro?

EToro business fees depend on the asset. Commissions are zero for equities and ETFs, but spreads and overnight holding fees are charged for CFDs on equities and other assets. eToro also charges a fee after one year of inactivity and a withdrawal fee of $ 5. Find out more in our detailed review.

Is eToto a Scam?

No, eToro is definitely not a scam. It is regulated by three leading bodies - FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia) and CySEC (Cyprus). This means strict supervision from three directions. In addition, if you live in the UK, you are covered by FSCS protection and can be compensated for up to £ 85,000 in the event of an eToro bankruptcy.

Is eToro suitable for beginners?

Yes, if you have never seen the markets before, then eToro is the ideal trading platform for you. They created it especially for investors of all knowledge. As a result, anyone can set up an account, make a deposit and buy / sell shares. And when you run into a problem, eToro has an extensive help center ready. There are FAQs, tutorials and explanatory videos. If these resources disappoint you, you can always contact customer support.

Is eToro really free?

At first glance, it may seem that shopping without commissions "sounds too good to be true." However, we can 100% confirm that you can buy shares, ETFs and cryptocurrencies on eToro completely free of charge. You do not pay anything for the execution of trades, nor any ongoing costs. However, there is a 0.5% currency conversion fee for deposits / withdrawals. In addition, withdrawals are charged at eToro for a fixed amount of $ 5.

What shares can be bought on eToro?

At the time of writing, eToro will buy over 1,700 shares from 17 international markets, including the UK, USA, Germany, France, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia and more. In addition, new instruments are added regularly. Specifically, the new stock will appear on eToro a few days after the IPO.

What is the minimum deposit for eToro?

The minimum deposit for eToro is $ 200.

How to withdraw money from eToro?

You can withdraw money from your eToro account in a few seconds. Just log in to your account, choose a withdrawal, and enter the amount you want to transfer. Depending on the method of payment, your money should arrive in a few days. If you are withdrawing money for the first time, you must first verify your identity. To do this, simply upload a copy of your passport / driver's license and proof of permanent residence. Therefore, it pays to solve the verification as soon as you create an account - you do not have to delay in the selection.

Does eToro accept PayPal?

Yes, it does. The platform also supports several other e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller.

eToro Logo

Min $200 Deposit

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