Eightcap Review

Today, we have many online trading brokers offering different types of services in different regions of the world. Some have low-risk trading experience, while others have high-risk trading experience. Similarly, the features and trading instruments list varies among different trading platforms. So, in this Eightcap review, we will discuss its features, services, and safety.

Eightcap at a glance

Eightcap is an online trading platform that was founded in Australia in 2009. It is one of the most versatile trading platforms you can choose because of the long list of integration options. Even though it is not that old, it brings many features and gives the leading platforms tough competition. It is a MetaTrader broker with no proprietary platform, providing amazing third-party tool integration support.

If we look at the online trading market, Eightcap has a narrow range of trading options, markets, and instruments, which makes it a little less attractive. Similarly, lacking things like educational content and research tools stand as a hurdle in its way to success. In this Eightcap review, we will cover every aspect of this broker so you can decide if it is right for you or not.

Eightcap Quick Overview

Eightcap Features
Minimum Deposit $100
Trading options 326 symbols, 45 Forex pairs. CFD, Crypto
Year founded 2008
Regulations ASIC, FCA, CySEC, AFSL, VFSC
Platforms MT4, MT5
Application Android, iOS, Web, Windows
Account types Demo, Standard, Raw


Is Eightcap safe to trade with?

You can call it an average-risk or a low-risk trading platform. Even though it comes with some regulations for added reliability, it does not operate any bank. Similarly, it is not publicly traded. Additionally, it is authorized by:

  • 2 high trust regulators(tier-1)
  • 1 average trust regulator(tier-2)
  • 1 low trust regulator(tier-3)

While these regulators bring reliability to the name of Eightcap, it is not the safest option that you can go with. Online brokers present in the market with better security, wider markets, and more content.

Pros and Cons of Eightcap

Eightcap comes with some pros and a list of cons. Cons being more makes it lose its attractiveness as an online broker. So, here are the pros and cons that come with Eightcap:


  • It is not the highly regulated trading platform
  • Some articles provide the necessary information
  • Offers 200+ Cryptocurrency CFDs options


  • Only offers 45 forex pairs
  • Not great research tools
  • Lack of educational resources
  • Less overall features and trading options

Trading options at Eightcap

One of the major reasons why Eightcap has not been that successful is that it only provides limited trading options. For example, there are a few dozens of CFDs. It makes most investors and traders lose interest in the platform. Some trading options that you can experience here are:

  • Forex trading(45 pairs)
  • CFD trading
  • 326 tradable symbols
  • Copy-trading
  • Crypto trading

It is important to note that the crypto trading experience here is not as good as on other platforms. Here, you trade cryptocurrencies by CFDs and not by the real currency.

Mobile app trading

Another major negative aspect is that it does not provide any proprietary mobile application. It has become a necessary feature for all online trading platforms to have their trading applications. However, being a MetaTrader-only platform, Eightcap supports MetaTrader applications that users can use on Android and iOS devices.

So, one can say that it does not bring a native experience, but there is a general mobile app trading experience. Apart from mobile trading, It is available on Windows computers and the web.

Accounts and Cost of trading at Eightcap review

First of all, it provides a demo account for beginners. It helps them gain the necessary experience. In terms of the paid services, there are 2 account types which are:

  1. Raw
  2. Standard

Raw Account

The Raw account is also known as the Commission-based account. So, the fees and costs for trading will vary according to the account you choose. If you go with Raw accounts, the average spread will be 0.06 pips which increases to an average of 0.76 pips after factoring in the per-side Commission as Raw Account is commission-based.

Interestingly, it is less than the market average, which is 0.8 pips.

Standard Account

The Standard account is Spread-only, so the fees will be calculated when you trade.

Trading Features of Eightcap

One thing that Eightcap is famous for is its trading features. The Eightcap review will be incomplete without mentioning that it provides a suite of FX Blue plug-ins that can enhance its standard platform experience. Another integration option here is Capitalise.ai, which enhances the algorithmic trading experience.

So, you can look for the integrations you want and make automated and manual trading strategies in English. There will be no need for any code if you explain the algorithm correctly in English. Thus, the trading features of Eightcap make it provide a good experience to its users.

Educational material and market research

The market research at Eightcap is good, with daily updates in video and written formats. When we talk about research, it does not stack up head to head against the market leaders. The written updates come on the platform from in-house staff, while the videos are often posted on YouTube. You can still add third-party integrations for better research and analysis.

The same goes true for the educational material here. There is some material available in video and written form. However, that does not cover all the information a user may need. Most of the information and features are lacking here.


Although it is not an old trading platform, it still brings features in competition to some market leaders. With its support for third-party tools, plug-ins, and integrations, you can have an amazing trading experience. Another attractive thing here is that it offers more cryptocurrency pairs than most trading platforms out there.

So, you can say that going for this low-risk trading platform can be a good decision. However, if you are looking for a platform with minimum deposit requirements as low as $20 and that brings better features, you have to check out our Capital.com review.

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Min $100 Deposit

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