There are several online trading platforms but only a few come with good value for their customers. is one of those online brokers that comes with an amazing list of features and benefits. The overall value for the customers will be amazing. It came into being in 2016 and has its office located in the UK. Currently, it deals with customers from over 183 countries.

This Online broker stands out because of its innovative platform that lets users trade with different things. At the same time, the strong educational content and quality research are the things that make it attractive. All of these goodies and many more about it make it outperform the industry average with ease.

How it works? A small Insight

As you know, is a trading platform. There are different ways it brings value for its customer. It works in an amazing way for all the users. First of all, it provides trade CFDs on different stocks and assets. It allows a lot of clients which are focused on different assets, stocks, and currencies to join it.

The trading platform you get here is both mobile-based and web-based. It will help you choose the platform that provides you with the best experience.

However, the thing is that both of the platforms are developed and designed by professionals to provide you best value. In this way, you can take assistance from a series of indicators that will tell you about trading.

An amazing thing about It is that it offers the tightest spreads. With these spreads being the tightest among the market you can enhance your earning opportunities. Taking money in and out is possible in different digital ways. The best part is that it allows different currencies as well.

So, you can use your banking apps to buy some assets or trade, then you can benefit from the technological benefits of this platform as well as tight spreads. Lastly, taking the earnings back will be as simple as it was when you were investing.

Feature to know itโ€™s worth: comes with a lot of features for every user. Some of the features have importance for all of the users while some are only for few particular ones. So, here are some of the most important features that you can enjoy. is a highly regulated broker

Being regulated is a very important thing for a broker. It is the reason for the peace of mind and reliability for any of the clients around the world. The good part is that It has one of the most highly-regulated brokers available worldwide which makes it a very reliable pick. It has the regulations in several jurisdictions.

Provides excellent training for the new investors

Experienced individuals do not face a lot of issues when selecting any trading platform. The newcomers to the trading world have a lot of issues. The good part is that It solves all such issues for the new investors.

With the training material and educational support provided by the platform, any new investor can learn not only the basics but the best practices as well. This feature also keeps them up to date with all the trends and latest news of the market making things even simpler for them.

Low minimum deposit and withdrawal requirements make it a perfect choice

There are uncountable opportunities to invest in the world. However, most of them face one common issue. the issue is that you cannot invest unless you have a lot to invest. However, things at are pretty different.

It does not require you to invest all your savings at once because the low minimum limit for a deposit here is $20 which is easily manageable for everyone. Similarly, the low minimum withdrawal limit of $50 makes sure that you can withdraw your earnings as soon as you want.

Chose the asset that you want

When you use It as your main trading platform you can enjoy benefits, unlike any other platform. The thing is that there is a long list of assets available to choose from which count to over 3700. So, you can go with any option that you like or seems the most reliable to choose.

Enhanced reliability and security

The reliability and security from It are both as good as its other features. with the backend packed with Artificial Intelligence, there is rarely a chance that you get any unreliable information. Now moving towards security, you can be sure about the security that you get from this platform after counting the number of awards for security from an online broker platform that it has won.

Amazing user experience

There are all these technical features but one thing that matters the most for all the users is their experience while they use the platform. It brings the right usage of technology and smart techniques to ensure that every user gets to use a very smooth user experience with smart trading options.

Informational things that have been made a part of its interface serve amazing value and make the platform design intuitive.

Order execution is as fast as possible

The platform believes that timing matters the most when it comes to online trading. So, the order execution algorithms are made as fast as possible so that you experience real-time trading right from your convenient place. In this way, your earnings will be real-time as well.

Good customer support service available

Another amazing thing about It is that it provides great customer support service. The customer support here is available in different forms. Live chat is available with other options. Additionally, 24 different language choices are available to choose from with these services being available 24/7.

Benefits you can get from

If you have selected It as your online trading platform then you must be looking to find out the amazing benefits that you can enjoy. Well, the list of benefits keeps on expanding and expanding. So, here we have narrowed things a bit and the following are the best benefits of using It.

Start with a demo account that wonโ€™t expire

If you think of yourself as a beginner, you will want to get the experience but at the same time, there will be a high risk of losing your savings. Demo accounts come at great value in such cases. However, the issue is that the demo accounts are sometimes not free and sometimes they are not available for long enough.

Neither of these is an issue with It because the demo accounts are available for free, and they will never expire.

0% commissions with no hidden charges or fees

It is a common practice from the online brokerage platforms that they tell you that you will be earning a lot. However, once you earn most of your earnings are kept by them as some charges.

The thing with It is that it provides transparent trading options. There are no fees or hidden charges. The spreads are also pretty tight making the earnings amazing for you without any extra commissions or charges.

Trading made as simple as possible

Unlike other trading platforms, It is working for the convenience of the user. With human users are the priority in mind while designing the interface and features are there to be very easy to use, simpler, and more intuitive. In this way, you can trade more smartly.

Artificial Intelligence integrated into the background assists you to make the best moves

One can have knowledge and experience, but one can never be perfect. Computers on the other hand are to compute great computations with high power to provide the right predictions. With Artificial Intelligence under use into the backend of all of your trading moves will have the support with it.

So, whenever you are feeling confused or need any additional advice you can check for the answers provided by the artificially intelligent platform to make your experience better than ever.

Trade with the worldโ€™s biggest markets

It brings the opportunity for you to trade with 6400 of the world’s biggest markets. With the most popular assets, currencies, and stocks in the palm of your hand you can trade the way you want to.

Protection of your money

Most people get great at earning but what they lack is that they are not that good at managing things. So, It brings the right benefit for them where they can forget about the management. The following things ensure that your money will be protected:

  • Stop loss
  • Profit orders
  • Negative balance

These and several other types of protection services integrated right into the platform make sure that your earnings or investments are always protected without you even having to keep a check or worry about them.

Regulations set It apart

The last and the most important benefit you can enjoy when using It is the set of regulations. These regulations and monitoring make it very reliable and help It provide top-notch security services which bring peace of mind for the clients. FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) and CySEC(Cyprus Security and Exchange Commission) make sure that the platform stays as secure as possible for all of your trades.

What makes it better than others?

There are a lot of things that make It better than many other competitors. However, to start with, it is amazing because it brings intelligent technology into online trading that lets you maximize your earnings. When you have proper knowledge of a market and experience of trading this feature of being intelligent brings a lot of benefits.

At the same, there is a mobile application provided by that lets you trade right from the palm of your hand regardless of your time and location. It means that you will be having a very premium user experience. Being digital, intelligent, and providing a premium experience is something that is rarely found.

Things do not stop here, one major reason for It being better than others is that it brings a lot of ease for the beginners. They can go through a lot of training and take help from support materials. The Learning mode serves an amazing purpose. With all of these things, any trader can gain knowledge and experience and earn at the same time. All of this makes better than several other platforms.

Different account types you can have at

Account Type Standard Account Plus Account Premier Account
Minimum Deposit limits $0 to 3000 $3001 to $9999 $10000
Spread Type Variable Variable Variable
Pending Orders Allowed Allowed Allowed
Hedging Allowed Allowed Allowed
Mobile Trading Allowed Allowed Allowed

Some of the Potential cons you need to look at

The following are the cons of using

  • It for sure brings a lot of tradable symbols but those are still not more than what some competitors are offering
  • When it comes to the customers outside of the UK and Australia the tier-one jurisdiction does not come with all the additional licenses needed.
  • Charges overnight fees which may not be very attractive for some of the users
  • com accepts clients from more than 183 countries but still does not accept any clients from the US.
  • Withdrawal takes a long time to process
  • The customer service is not as good as it should be

Final Verdict

Getting into online brokering can be an attractive thing but the more interesting and important thing is to find a valuable platform to get the right experience. If you are also in search of the right platform then is your best choice.

The proper usage of the latest technology and backend techniques, makes trading very simple and easy for you regardless of your level of experience. With the mobile application, you can enjoy trading within the palm of your hand which will further enhance your customer experience of using It.

When you are using it, you do not have to be restricted to a specific asset or trade. There are a lot of options that you can choose from. Additionally, their training and protection options bring peace of mind to new users. There might be some obvious cons for using it especially for the clients who donโ€™t have the acceptance. However, it is still the best choice for the clients who are accepted here. Logo

Min $20 Deposit

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