ActivTrades Review

ActivTrades is a regulated online trading broker that has been in business for over 2 decades and allows you to invest in a wide range of markets. Its headquarters are in London, and Alex Pusco is the CEO of the company.

Undoubtedly, choosing an excellent platform that is safe, reliable, and has a good offer is one of the most important requirements for successful online trading. As a result, we will examine the characteristics, level of security, and functionality of ActivTrades, just as we have for other brokers.

We’ll pay close attention to its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the feedback from the majority of users who have tried it. Alternatively, you can trade with our recommended broker by following these simple 5 steps.

  • Register at eToro by following this link ;
  • Deposit money into your trading account;
  • Practice with the $ 100,000 demo account;
  • Search for the assets of your interest or try copy trading;
  • Select the amount, and implement your strategy without risk.

ActivTrades review

How to choose the right broker?

When evaluating a broker, there are numerous topics to consider. The most important are listed below:

  • Company and license – It is never worthwhile to invest without a valid license to operate in Europe and the assurances provided by a recognizable company. Otherwise, the risks would be excessively high in comparison to the potential for profit.
  • Platform – To be successful in trading, you’ll need a quick platform to manage your orders, as well as a high level of technology to back it up.
  • Markets offered – Being able to invest at any time and diversify your portfolio requires access to a variety of markets and thousands of assets.
  • Social trading and copy trading – The two hottest trends right now, and both are extremely powerful tools for improving one’s trading on the financial markets, especially for newcomers.
  • Commissions and spreads – These are two issues that are closely related to the profit prospects offered by the broker in question.

In a nutshell, the following key concepts must be verified: reliability, safety, ease of use, and the breadth of the tools available. Of course, all of this comes at a reasonable cost and with real earning potential.

In this ActivTrades review we will suggest an alternative to this broker, taking into account the various needs that may be at the basis of traders’ choices.

Pros and Cons of ActivTrades

Overall, ActivTrades is a fairly trustworthy broker, but it is also quite pricey. First and foremost, the € 1,000 minimum deposit is significantly higher than that of many other brokers. This can be a disadvantage, especially if you don’t have a lot of money to invest.

Those looking to invest a few tens of euros should look for brokers who are more cost-effective, even for small-game activities.

Pros / Cons
  • Easy to use platforms
  • Good Customer Support
  • Simplified tax management
  • Few cryptocurrencies
  • High minimum deposit
  • Higher than average spreads

Spreads are a source of frustration for ActivTrades. They are variable: on average, the most traded currency pairs have a spread of 0.9 percent, which is slightly higher than the average of the best brokers.

The same can be said of the remaining consumer goods assets. When compared to good brokers, stock commissions are relatively high. A monthly fee of € 1 is also charged for real-time quotes from non-European financial markets.

ActivTrades Technical characteristics

ActivTrades has a good technological system and provides its clients with a variety of trading platforms. When evaluating a broker, this is by no means insignificant.

The platforms are the true soul of trading, as they provide us with adequate interfaces for financial market analysis and order management. A good broker is one that provides all or nearly all of the best trading platforms available, or one that commits to providing a high-quality proprietary platform.

ActivTrades platforms can also be accessed through mobile apps. Let’s take a look at what they are:

  • ActivTrader: the proprietary, high-tech, and easy-to-use platform
  • MetaTrader 4: the well-known forex trading software
  • MetaTrader 5: the most recent version of MetaTrader

The last two are unquestionably among the best and most advanced platforms on the market, with many good brokers now offering them. They are intuitive and have a lot in common. They only differ in a few minor details related to secondary aspects of their functionality.

Technical Tools of ActivTrades

  • ActivTrades offers some very useful tools for free, through the platforms with which it integrates. Here they are listed below:
  • SmartOrder 2 – Enables users to place orders more quickly.
  • SmartPattern: Allows you to quickly detect a variety of graphic patterns.
  • SmartLines: allows you to place orders automatically based on the trend line drawn on the graph you’ve submitted.
  • SmartCalculator: a calculator that can be used to calculate the potential risks and rewards of taking a position.
  • SmartTemplate (only available on MT4): keeps track of the most important market indicators.
  • SmartForecast is a tool that predicts the future (only on MT4). a technical analysis tool that calculates resistances, supports, volatility, and market trends automatically.

ActivTrades also has a news section where you can keep up with what’s going on in the financial markets.

Training and Educational Materials

A training section is also available to users of the Dutch broker. It is true that it is not one of the best on the market, but it is still worth considering, particularly for experienced traders.

Other brokers are far more advanced and “generous” in this regard, and they can boast a comprehensive training program. ActivTrades’ lineup, on the other hand, is noteworthy.

ActivTrades offers a variety of free webinars, as well as some special courses and a page dedicated to “Forex University.”

If you’re an ActivTrades customer, you can get a discount on this forex “university.”

Another point worth mentioning is that, since 2010, ActivTrades has been hosting frequent trading tours across Europe, which has now become a standard practice among other brokers.

ActivTrades platforms in detail

ActivTrades began its career as an online broker by providing users with access to the Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms, and it was only later that the company developed its own platform. It comes with a fully functional and technologically advanced platform.

ActivTrades trading platforms


ActivTrades proprietary platform is a very simple and intuitive tool, particularly suitable for beginner traders. It allows you to customize the main interface to fit your needs, and it also gives you the option of choosing from more than ten languages. In the “charts” section of the platform, you can monitor up to 16 charts at once. It also lets you create a personal watchlist to keep track of the financial instruments you’re most interested in. Furthermore, each product is linked to the prevailing market sentiment.

ActivTrades also has a built-in search engine that allows you to look for assets, and the various assets can be analyzed using technical analysis tools. You can use more than 50 indicators and about 30 drawing tools on the push chart.

MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5

Two of the most famous, reliable and popular trading platforms in the world. Many brokers recommend them, and anyone who has traded has heard of them. ActivTrades integrates seamlessly with MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 to accomplish this.

The clean interface, the continuous updating of the data, the large number of analysis tools, the ability to choose between multiple languages, and the daily data report are just a few of the benefits of these platforms. The user can also personalize his work environment. MetaTrader 5 has a few more features than MT4, but it’s also a little trickier to use.

Mobile App

In addition to the desktop version of ActivTrader, which can be accessed directly from the browser without the need for installation, there is a mobile version of the platform in the form of a trading app.

ActivTrades Mobile App

The app is available for iOS and Android, and it almost entirely replicates the platform’s desktop version. Obviously, some functions are lost, as is to be expected: the work environment is not very customizable, and the usability of the graphics is inevitably reduced.

In any case, the MT4 and MT5 mobile apps, which are far more advanced and functional, are strongly recommended.

ActivTrades Demo Account

ActivTrades, like the majority of brokers on the market, gives customers the option of opening a real or a demo account. If you don’t know the broker or have never traded before, the latter is a great option.

Before switching to a real account, you can use the demo account to gain experience and determine whether the broker’s tools are appropriate for your needs.

ActivTrades is one of the few platforms that allows you to open a demo account for three days without registering and with a capital of € 10,000. However, after three days, you will be required to enter your personal information in order to extend the demo account’s trial period to 30 days.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The following currencies can be used on ActivTrades:

  • British pound
  • EUR
  • US dollar
  • Swiss Franc

The required minimum deposit is 1,000 euros, which is significantly higher than that of other brokers; however, ActivTrades provides important guarantees and is primarily used by those who are familiar with the trading world.

Money deposits and withdrawals, at least routine ones, are both free and quick. The following payment methods are accepted by the broker:

  • Wire transfer
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Digital payment platforms (Skrill, Neteller, PayPal etc.)

Except for wire transfers, which can take up to 48 hours, all other deposit methods make funds available in the account immediately. Wire transfer withdrawals can take up to 48 hours.

Fees and Commissions

If you opt out of the demo account option on ActivTrades, you can only open one type of account: one for individual private users, also known as “retail.”

On ActivTrades, if you leave out the demo account option, you can only open one type of account, this for individual private users, otherwise known as “retail”.

The fees applied on the stock market are 0% on 1: 1 trading while with leverage the following commissions are applied:

Market Commissions
European stock exchanges 0.01% of the transaction
(minimum € 5) OR
0.05% of the transaction
(minimum € 1)
UK Stock Exchange 0.10% of the transaction
(minimum £ 1)
New York (including international ADRs and ETFs) $ 0.02 per share
($ 1 minimum)

Forex spreads

Spreads are applied on the currency market, i.e. different prices between buying and selling:

Activtrades forex spreads

ActivTrades Regulations

When you want to proceed with the analysis and evaluation of an online trading broker, you must consider the type of company you are dealing with as well as the licenses it holds.

ActivTrades is backed by a well-known company that has been in the industry for several years. It is based in London and is registered in England. Most online brokers now have their headquarters in Cyprus, making this a rare occurrence.

The company has opened several offices around the world over the years, including in Italy, Bulgaria, and the Bahamas. Those investing from Italy and Europe, however, will not be able to use the Bahamas office.

ActivTrades has a number of basic authorizations in place to provide users with assurances. They are as follows:

  • UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Authorization
  • Bahamas SCB license
  • Authorization (number 97) issued by Consob in Italy

These are licenses and authorizations that give traders who want to use this broker peace of mind. In fact, these licenses necessitate adherence to a set of rules designed to protect users.

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What guarantees do ActivTrades licenses offer?

The FCA license mandates the financial services compensation scheme. In the event of a broker default, it consists of a fund that compensates each client up to £ 85,000 (approximately € 95,000).

ActivTrades customers are also covered by the European deposit guarantee scheme, which all European brokers are required to join. In the event of a broker default, the scheme reimburses clients up to € 20,000.

ActivTrades clients protection

ActivTrades also provides all of its users with a free policy that allows them to obtain greater compensation: in fact, this broker is insured to compensate each of its clients up to £ 1,000,000. Most international brokers do not provide this type of guarantee.

As if that were not enough, all client deposits are managed following the rules on the segregation of funds. This means that the assets of the individual users who use the broker are kept separate from that of the broker from a legal point of view.

This is a critical assurance because it ensures that investors’ liquidity will not be threatened by the broker’s creditors. Finally, ActivTrades has completed the implementation of the most recent ESMA regulations.

As a result, the broker is dedicated to preventing negative balances in its clients’ accounts. As a result, traders who use this broker will not risk losing more money than they originally invested.

Markets available

CFDs, also known as “contracts for difference,” are a type of trading that ActivTrades offers. CFDs are a financial instrument that allows traders to invest in the stock market by using the underlying assets (stocks, stock indices, commodities, forex, and so on).

When a trader opens a position using a CFD, he or she must determine whether the underlying asset’s price change will be positive or negative. The trader will profit if his prediction is correct. In a nutshell, CFDs are a type of bet that can only be won if you have a thorough understanding of the financial markets.

The underlying assets offered by ActivTrades are listed below:

  • Forex : or the exchange of currencies, the market par excellence. ActivTrades offers the most traded pairs;
  • Stocks : The offer is relatively tight, at least compared to other brokers. Another problem is the absence of the possibility of investing in the stock market directly and without CFDs;
  • ETFs : a sector in full expansion and useful for those who want to diversify their portfolio;
  • Commodities: we can say that it is a bit of the flagship of this broker’s offer;
  • Cryptocurrencies: the offer is there but it is almost non-existent and definitely negligible. One of the most obvious shortcomings of a broker all in all of good quality.
  • Indices : among the most well-known and appreciated financial instruments, the stock market indices on ActivTrades are present to a lesser extent than other quality brokers;

On ActivTrades, there are between 500 and 600 assets.

ActivTrades alternatives

If some of the features of ActivTrades appear to be unconvincing and unsuitable for your needs, eToro can be a good alternative.

eToro is one of the most popular and well-known online trading platforms in the world. Because this feature is completely missing in ActivTrades, it’s worth remembering that eToro is the best platform for copy trading and social trading.

The eToro platform gives users access to a variety of financial markets, including cryptocurrencies and commodities, and it’s the only market maker that lets users invest in stocks (rather than just CFDs) with no commissions. With years of experience, millions of investors, and three regulatory bodies behind it, the broker eToro offers one of the most established online trading platforms on the market.

It provides a $100,000 demo account, low spreads, and no commissions. It also differs from ActivTrades in terms of the minimum deposit amount: only $ 200.

eToro offers 16 cryptocurrencies, which is significantly more than most online trading platforms.

eToro has a truly remarkable community, as well as numerous sponsorships in the world of football, in addition to interesting offers and excellent guarantees.

Because of its functionality, eToro is highly recommended for new traders. In a nutshell, a solid and trustworthy broker.

Is ActivTrades a scam?

ActivTrades is unquestionably not a con. It is, in fact, a broker with all of the necessary licenses to operate in Europe, as well as additional protections beyond those already provided by European law.

From this vantage point, we can confidently state that we are dealing with a legitimate and high-quality broker.

On the internet, there are many different points of view.

ActivTrades has received a lot of mixed reviews and opinions on TrustPilot and other online forums.

They range from the most positive to those that appear to place this broker on par with the most seasoned con artists. In reality, when examining user opinions on the internet, it is necessary to apply common sense and objectivity to everything.

ActivTrades Trustpilot

Many people who leave reviews on TrustPilot or other similar sites do so on an emotional high, having suffered one or more losses, possibly of significant magnitude. This is obviously not the best foundation for referring to what one reads before making one’s own judgment.

We have attempted to highlight the critical issues that appear to be plaguing this broker throughout this article, but we reiterate that we have not found any evidence that would lead us to believe it is a scam broker.

Payments are also smooth, and as previously stated, all of the authorizations that make it a trustworthy broker are present.


In order to provide a conclusive and comprehensive assessment, we can say that ActivTrades is, in the end, a good broker, highly regarded by industry experts.

The slowness caused by the documents required to begin trading with this broker is one of the negative aspects. However, the guarantees and quality it provides compensate for this. It’s also a shame that copy trading and social trading aren’t available, and that the training isn’t the best on the market.

Individual needs, of course, take care of the rest: ActivTrades can be described as a broker with no middle ground: either you love it or you hate it. We would recommend it to experienced traders, but we would advise beginners to look elsewhere before trying ActivTrades.


What is ActivTrades' minimum spread?

The spread on the EUR/USD pair is 0.72 pips, which is the smallest available. It's worth noting, though, that ActivTrades uses variable spreads on the various assets it offers.

What fees does ActivTrades charge?

Trading fees for US Stock CFDs are $ 0.02 per share, with a minimum of $ 1. CFDs in the United Kingdom have a 0.1 percent commission and a minimum deposit of £ 1, whereas CFDs in Europe have a 0.01 percent commission and a minimum deposit of € 1.

How to Make Money with ActivTrades?

ActivTrades is a CFD trading platform available online. The profit you make on the financial markets is inextricably linked to your investment choices. On the ActivTrades platform, most traders make money by speculating on asset price changes.

What is the best ActivTrades alternative?

eToro is the best ActivTrades alternative in our opinion. The platform of Europe's most well-known broker is one of the most comprehensive, with zero commissions and the well-known Copy Trading feature.

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Min $100 Deposit

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